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What exactly are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individually placed on your natural lashes one by one. They extend the length and add thickness. No one can tell that they are not your own lashes.

What are the eyelash extensions made of?

They are made from a synthetic fiber that looks and feels identical to a natural lash. Eyelash extensions have a perfect curl and a naturally beautiful look. The pharmaceutical grade adhesive is made from a protein bond; the bond is similar to that of certain types of hair extensions.

How long do the eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions last through the full life cycle of your natural lash, on average about 10 days. Touch ups are recommended every 2-5 weeks. The time varies based on your age, thickness of your hair, and how well you maintain your extensions. With maintenance, your extensions can stay on as long as you wish.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Your lashes will need to be completely clean, free of makeup and mascara. Your eyes will be protected during the application. You will relax and your extensions will be applied individually to each of your natural lashes and sealed with a bonding agent (adhesive) for longevity. Many people fall asleep during the procedure.

Is it safe to have eyelash extensions applied to my lashes?

The lashes are applied by a trained specialist directly to your own natural lashes, never to the skin. The procedure is pain-free and will not pull out your natural lashes. The eyes remain closed and protected throughout the procedure.

Can I wear mascara after the procedure?

Yes, you can wear mascara but you must apply it very gently. Only use water-based mascara and makeup remover and do not pull or rub the extensions. There is a Novalash aftercare kit – sold separately for $45 – which is highly recommended for optimal stay time of the extensions.